The Secret To Getting Lucky With Women


hot-woman-standing-upIt’s no secret most men, including you, have trouble getting lucky with women – even the ugly ones. I want to tell you a story about a friend of mine named Josh. Josh was one of the unluckiest men I knew until something snapped in Josh. After getting literally kicked out of his own apartment by his girlfriend and having to spend three days living in his car something inside Josh Changed, which ultimately changed his luck.

Josh tried hard to please his ICE QUEEN of a girlfriend. He gave into all her demands, walked on his knees trying to please her but nothing seemed to work. The worst part is after all the trying and pleasing he still couldn’t get laid.  When his girlfriend decided to kick Josh out because her father was visiting he left and parked his car, with all of his belongings inside the car and parked it at an abandoned home for sale.

Josh felt defeated, deflated, and a pure wuss. Even the cops that kicked him out of the driveway and told him to park in the Walmart parking lot called him a poor bastard. At that very moment it clicked. Josh decided enough was enough and he found an old notebook from college explaining a simple tactic of human persuasion. After reading the notes he tried the tactic with women at work and it WORKED. That day he was invited by a women for an afternoon out.

At this point Josh knew he was on to something. He drove to his apartment and broke things off with his girlfriend, he already had his car packed, and began researching. 5 books, 400 hours of video, and a few other items to research Josh had built an unstoppable tactic that drove women crazy.

Josh had literally found the secrets even women didn’t know about themselves. Secrets that had women moist and primed for sex in a manner of seconds – YES SECONDS. Secrets that had women crawling toward him, standing in line for him, and ultimately wanting in his pants.

I’ll tell you he did not use some kind of perfume, he was not rich, and actually not very attractive but that’s the beauty of the secret. Josh found out that women aren’t really attracted to big muscles, don’t care of you’re bald, and could really care less if you’re rich or broke. Josh found the break through that had women begging for more and the best part is, it works for every man who tries it.

I’m sure you’re thinking it won’t work for you. I was to. I’m married and would never cheat on my wife but after I learned what Josh is now teaching men just like you I, I tried it on other women. IT WORKED. They were begging for me.

All I’m going to say is you’ve got to try it. If you’ve struck out with women in the past for think there’s something wrong with you then you’re missing out. Women will beg you to get in their pants. What are you waiting for, just try it out. Get Josh’s secrets of being a bad ass and get lucky today.



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